Custom Home Builders: You Dream, We Build!

Building a home is the dream of every Australian. However, many people fail to realise this dream because they are short on budget. Those who do have the budget sometimes don’t get the customisations they wanted. Being regarded as professional custom home builders in Parramatta, Doumit Homes can offer you a fully customised package. Affordability is not an issue with us as we get you the best value for your money.

Our pride is the one-on-one personalised service we offer to all the clients. We make the journey a pleasure by keeping the client in the loop every step of the way. So, you will find us by your side when deciding the plot of land, design of the house, and the finishings. All our clients feel as if they are building the homes themselves, and we are just the means to get things done. Everything is in your control!

Custom Home Builders Parramatta

The Benefit of Choosing Custom Home Builders in Parramatta

The most common issues faced by people getting a home built or renovated include timeframe issues, extra costs, and affordability. We have a reputation in Parramatta as the most honest and reliable custom home builders. Once all the permits have been arranged, we give clients a timeframe for the job which is followed. You will receive regular updates for every important stage of the process.

  • No Hidden Costs!

    The best part about working with Doumit Homes, the custom home builders in Parramatta, is that there are no hidden costs. You will only have to pay what’s mentioned in the contract. As for affordability, we cater to all ranges of budgets. Whether you are on a small budget or not, we ensure that we get our clients the best value for their money.

  • Real-world Experience!

    25 years of experience as custom home builders in Parramatta has equipped us with the ability to use premium material suited for the environment and climate of your location. This experience has also earned us a reputation as one of the most efficient custom home builders in Parramatta.

  • Quality and Consistency!

    We believe in building homes, not houses: a home is what you always dreamt of, personalised to your wants and needs. Our quality and consistency are reflected in the thousands of happy clients we have served so far.

Custom Home Builders Parramatta

Easy Six-Step Construction Process:

Step One: Property Inspection

This is the initial step after you have made the decision to build a new home or renovate the already existing one. An expert from Doumit Homes pays you a visit and discusses the necessary details.

Step Two: Design

This is the most exciting phase as you get to dictate your design to us. Our professional designers and custom home builders in Parramatta put in all the effort to produce a creative design reflective of your ideas.

Step Three: Selecting the Material

This is when it gets a bit tiring but worry not. We make material selection a fun process by educating our clients about all the options they can choose from.

Step Four: Contract Details

In this step, our team finalises a detailed document that has everything you wish to know from us. This includes details about the design, timeframe, costs, etc.

Step Five: Getting the Plan Approved

Before the construction begins, our custom home builder in in Parramatta will submit your plan to the relevant authorities for approval. It’s all on us, so nothing to worry about here.

Step Six: Construction!

Construction begins as soon as everything is finalised and you have paid the deposit. All the terms we agreed upon are duly followed, and you will be regularly updated on the progress.

Our six-step process ensures that no matter your project, whether that it be big or small, our team of professionals will ensure the job is completed to the highest standard and meets your expectations. Therefore, you will receive your dream home, you know it has been handled with the upmost care and attention due to the importance we place on the planning stage of your build.

If you’re after custom home builders in Parramatta – give Domuit Homes a call. We will ensure that your dream home comes to life using our expert team! Want to start your new custom home build us a call today on (02) 8812 3012.