Duplex Builders Sydney

Superior Quality Duplex Builders in Sydney

Make the best use of your land with the help of expert duplex builders in Sydney. We are a team of trained professionals with many of the latest trends in duplex design. From start to finish, we are conscious of what you would want to achieve and we try to keep that within your budget.

One thing we always make clear to our clients looking for duplex home builders in Sydney is that the land may play a big part in determining what can be achieved. However, we make every effort to achieve your dream design....

Considerations We Make as Experienced Duplex Home Builders Sydney:

  • Local building regulations
  • The size of your land
  • The gradient of the land
  • Your preferred design
  • Current duplex builders Sydney prices
  • Your Budget

Initial Consultation & Duplex Builders Sydney Prices

The initial consultation gives you a chance to talk to some of the best duplex builders in Sydney who are professionals and who will listen to your idea and give advice where necessary to help you realise your dream.

We can also share with you our collection of trendy duplex home designs in Sydney which can help inspire you as you make a choice. Where it may be impossible to build what you have in mind because of the size of the land or budget, we can offer you an alternative.


Our duplex builders in Sydney will first draw a design according to what you have discussed during the consultation or based on what you choose from our extensive design range of duplex homes in Sydney.


The building will be according to the approved design and plans which will also be council approved.  We will work according to the duplex designs and prices Sydney and stick to a plan that you will have access to so you can be sure we are on track.

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Duplex Builders in Sydney – Maximise Your Investment & Unlock Equity in Your Land

A duplex home acts as an investment property and unlocks your wealth. A duplex features two units of dwelling with a common wall and separate entries. Our duplex builders in Sydney have the required knowledge, experience, and proven track-record to unlock your property’s investment potential. We’ve been building multi-dwelling properties since 2009 and helping our clients in every step of the project.

At Doumit Homes, we assign a builder to create the design for your duplex unit and obtain the planning permit. Our design can be customised to meet your needs and requirements without compromising on the quality of the project.

Why Choose Our Duplex Builders in Sydney?

Our duplex home builders in Sydney possess the necessary skills and knowledge to craft duplexes that meet the client’s requirement. From the basic floor plan to the complete design, our builders assist you throughout the process.

  • Cost planning is the starting point for any project. Our professionals analyse, monitor, and manage the cost estimate for your building.
  • We create a financial plan with competitive pricing to ensure you spend your money wisely.
  • Our duplex builders manage the project’s design, strategy, and supply chain techniques to ensure the success of the project.
  • We assist you from the beginning to the completion of the project and makes sure that the final result meets your requirement. Through proper coordination, control over design and planning, we maximise resource efficiency and make your experience with us stress-free.

Our professionals also take care of the approval for subdivision of the property, and approval of dual occupancy form the council to make the process easier for you. Before starting the work, we make sure that everything is agreed upon and documented to make the construction process easier and hassle-free.

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Do You Offer A Custom Duplex Home Build Service?

Doumit Homes offers an outstanding design service. Our experienced architect with great expertise will sit with you to create something that is unique for your block. Also, we offer accurate and fair pricing on custom home builds. We will steer you through the right process to make sure you get the right duplex home. Call 0419 039 992 to discuss with our duplex builders Sydney today!

How Long Will It Take To Build A Duplex Home?

At Doumit Homes, we offer a build time guarantee of 35 weeks from slab to completion without any unforeseen delays like bad weather.  We will take every effort to deliver the project on time without delays.  Discuss with our duplex builders Sydney at 0419 039 992 to arrange for a construction programme.

Are There Are Any Hidden Costs Involved When Building Duplex Home?

There are NO hidden costs! When we provide a detailed tender, and quote all the items require to build the duplex home. We provide the precise estimate for your home’s construction. Some builders in the market might charge an extra after signing the contracts, to remove the soils, after mining the site or to dig plumbing trenches. But, at Doumit Homes, our prices are inclusive of all of that and all essentials. Get in touch with us at 0419 039 992 to discuss with duplex home builders Sydney today!

What If You Design Doesn’t Suit My Preferences?

Doumit Homes boasts of having a talented in-house design team. Our duplex home builders Sydney regularly work hard on creating splendid home designs.  If you are not happy with any of our designs, we will create a customised a design to suit your requirements. Call 0419 039 992 to talk to our professional home builders today!

Do You Build Duplex Home On A Tight Budget?

Yes, we can work on tight budgets too! Our professional duplex builders Sydney prices make sure to meet your budgets, while sticking to your requirements. Simply tell us your budget, and we will let know what we can do for you!  Moreover all our pricings and dealings are honest and upfront. Talk to us today at 0419 039 992.

Do You Take Care Of The CDC Or DA Process?

Yes, we will help manage this process. Doumit Homes will ascertain the right method to suit your home design and submit the required application to council for DA or CDC approval. For some special projects, it might take additional fees and works, we will make sure to include all this in the quotation, and there are NO hidden costs.  Enquire   duplex builders Sydney prices at 0419 039 992.