Granny Flats Penrith

Quality Granny Flats In Penrith

Add value to your property by using the right company that builds granny flats in Penrith. We believe that we are the ideal construction company and we have a proven track record. Creating aesthetic and functional structures is what we do and ensuring your complete satisfaction is our mission....

As a certified granny flats Penrith contractor, we follow building guidelines and we ensure that the structures we put up are safe and will stand strong for years. Here’s why people have trusted us with their construction work:

Timely Delivery

We provide practical timelines to our clients and we ensure everything moves like clockwork so that we complete the work on the set date. We understand that it can be an inconvenience having construction work going on in the backyard so we try to get it finished as soon as possible.


We have decades of experience doing construction in Penrith and other areas. This gives clients the confidence that we know what we are doing and they can trust that the result will be just as we promised.

Customer-centric Service 

In whatever we do, we ensure that the customer is happy with our work. We engage you in every step of the project and see to it that we do not cause any inconvenience. Even as we work, we are always mindful that we are at your home and try to keep the noise and other disturbances to a minimum.

Trustworthy Builders of granny flats in Penrith

We also know the value of trust and we do everything possible to ensure that we stand true to our words in terms of budget and timeline.

If you want to have the best experience working with a construction company, call us today and let us build you a beautiful granny flat.