Granny Flat Builders Western Sydney

Professional Granny Flat Builders Western Sydney

As one of the leading granny flat builders in Western Sydney, our point of difference is that we strive to make the process simple and easy. There is a lot involved right from the preparation stage to the time when we finally hand over a finished granny flat....

Our efficiency as granny flat builders in Western Sydney allows us to complete the project within the shortest time possible. Here are some key steps involved in the process right up to the finish.

Step 1

We provide you with the list of requirements for your granny flat to be built without council approval. This includes:

  • The size permitted
  • Online certification from the council
  • Sewer diagram
  • Information whether there are any trees higher than 8M that may be protected by the council

Step 2

Once we have established that the granny flat can be built without the need for Council approval, we will come and visit the location to determine what is feasible.  We get to know how you would want the granny flat to look like and we share our thoughts as well.

Step 3

We come up with a specific design as agreed upon and we also set up an estimate for the entire work. Your approval is then required to commence to the next stage.

Step 4

Once everything is approved and you make a partial payment, we will begin the work. We provide you with timelines and inform you of what to expect in terms of minor disturbances.

Step 5

We usually would take a maximum of 12 weeks, but it can even be less than that. Once the project is completed, we hand the keys to your granny flat over to you.

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