A One-Step Solution to your dream home with Custom Home Builders in Western Sydney

The days are gone where new home buyers only had two options. They either had to hire an architect to make them a design for the home. The next step was to find a builder who could implement this design by construction. Or the other option they had was to approach a project builder who has design displays. The issue with this is that you do not get to customise.

The solution? Get a fully Custom Home Builder in the shape of Doumit Homes in Western Sydney. We bring to you an incredible service that is a combination of what the architect and builder offer you separately. The best part? You don’t just get the best value for your money, but also a home that is fully customised to your needs. Simply describe to our designers and builders what you want and consider it done!

Custom Home Builders Western Sydney
Custom Home Builders Western Sydney

A Totally Custom Home Experience

We have in-house design and construction teams to build top-quality homes that reflect the people living in them. Since every individual is unique, we ensure that the house we make for them is as unique as they are. Therefore, to provide a fully custom home builders in Western Sydney experience, we stay with our clients from the beginning of the journey till the end. The discussions get so personal that we end up developing a solid relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

Two in one Home Construction: Not only custom but also affordable!

Our main aim is to ensure that hiring a team custom home builders in Western Sydney, such as Doumit Homes is made accessible for everyone. Don’t get affordable in the wrong sense. It means the most value for your money. As a result, we cater to clients with a diverse budget range with our wide range of package options. With us, you easily get the dream home that meets your budget as well as suits your lifestyle. So contact our custom home builders in Western Sydney, we’ll make sure you dreams come to life.

Some Of Our Building Services Include:

  • New Homes

    Our professional designers and custom home builders in Western Sydney, have years of experience at hand to build a home from scratch. Sit with us and discuss the dream you have seen for a new home and watch us turn into a reality.

  • Granny Flats

    If you have made the decision to utilise the extra space on your land, we are at your disposal with our granny flat building services. You can either choose from our client-loved, innovative design catalog, or we can come up with a completely new design together.

  • Duplex Homes

    Duplex Homes are a great way to share a space. Most people worry about getting approval for dual occupancy. But worry not, with Doumit Homes, you do not have to do anything. Just tell us what you want, and we will deliver.

  • Smart Homes

    Another area of our expertise is smart homes. Our smart homes are known to offer convenience, thanks to the automation they have. High-level security is ensured with the latest sensor and communication technologies installed. The climate and lighting systems offer the comfort we all want, that too, quite efficiently.

Our experienced team have over 25 years of experience in making their clients new home dreams come to life. If you’re thinking about any of the above options and you would like some more information or perhaps have some questions, be sure to contact our custom home builders in Western Sydney to discuss our options further. Home building can certainly be a daunting task, but we’re more than happy to ease the stress for you.

Want to chat about your custom home building dreams, we’d love to discuss it with you further! If you’d like to use our custom home builders in Western Sydney, don’t hesitate to reach out for any questions or enquires on (02) 8812 3012.