Build An Elegant Designer Home in Sydney

Doumit Homes has helped many homeowners and investors build quality designer homes in Sydney for over 25 years. We are an established company with a team of trained professionals who will help you develop a suitable design for your dream home and bring it to life.

Whether it’s an extension, or you are building a new home for your family, you can be rest assured that your project is in safe hands. We will ensure that we guide you throughout the process, from inception to completion, so that you can have a pleasant experience with us.

Our assurance is that we’ll strive to achieve an outstanding result when building your dream designer home in Sydney. Talk to us today if you’d like to start your project with a dedicated team.

Why Choose Our Sydney Services When Building A Designer Home

  • Aside from extensive experience in creating elegant designer homes in Sydney, we take pride in having a thoroughly trained and professional team to handle your project. Right from the start, our team will guide you through getting permits, drawing the design, and sourcing the best materials for your dream home.

  • We can confirm that our team collaborates with some of the best suppliers. They will supply the materials we need for the project on time and at competitive prices; hence, you can be sure that you are saving money when building the structure of your dreams.

Additionally, our team will give every job utmost care and attention to ensure that the quality of your designer home in Sydney is of an exceptional standard.

Designer Homes Sydney

Doumit Homes Sydney – Creating A Fully Personalised Designer Home For You And Your Family

At Doumit Homes, we understand that you’d like to achieve a result that matches your lifestyle and personality when you are building your dream designer home in Sydney. For this reason, we’ll personalise the process of creating the dream home for your comfort and convenience.

Besides this, we have a streamlined process that we use with every client to ensure that you are stress-free when building a dwelling for your family. We’ll carry out the inspection, draw the design, assist in the selection of the materials, provide a detailed tender for the entire project, submit your plans to the local council in Sydney, and start the construction of the designer home once you pay the deposit.

When presenting your dream design to our builder, ensure that you communicate what you’d like with intent to ensure that you get the design you’d want.

Get in touch with our experienced builder if you’d like to start building your dream designer home in Sydney.