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Building granny flats might seem like a simple project, but if you do not have the right contractors for your granny flats Northern Beaches, you could end up spending more than you should and still not get what you expected.

Homeowners can rely on our professional granny flats Northern Beaches services. We tell you what we can deliver and we deliver exactly what we promise. Of course, we build according to what our client wants, as long as the space available will allow for that particular design....

Value for Money

We know your project is an important investment and we make every effort to ensure what you end up with is worth every dollar spent and more. We will use quality materials and have the right people employed to carry out the construction.

Approvals and Regulations

We have been doing this for years and so we are familiar with all the regulations governing the construction of granny flats Northern Beaches. If there is any approval you will need, we will point it out to you so that in the end you are comfortable in the knowledge that your project meets all the guidelines in the area.


Safety is an essential aspect of construction and we always ensure we work within a safe environment. We are mindful that we are doing the work at your residence so your safety too is considered. We guarantee you will not find safety hazards lying around your driveway or walkway and the area that we work around will have the best safety measures in place. We are also covered by insurance in the case of any unexpected accidents.

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