Granny Flats Northern Beaches

Honest and Reasonable Granny Flats Northern Beaches

Building granny flats might seem like a simple project, but if you do not have the right contractors for your granny flats Northern Beaches, you could end up spending more than you should and still not get what you expected.

Homeowners can rely on our professional granny flats Northern Beaches services. We tell you what we can deliver and we deliver exactly what we promise. Of course, we build according to what our client wants, as long as the space available will allow for that particular design....

Value for Money

We know your project is an important investment and we make every effort to ensure what you end up with is worth every dollar spent and more. We will use quality materials and have the right people employed to carry out the construction.

Approvals and Regulations

We have been doing this for years and so we are familiar with all the regulations governing the construction of granny flats Northern Beaches. If there is any approval you will need, we will point it out to you so that in the end you are comfortable in the knowledge that your project meets all the guidelines in the area.


Safety is an essential aspect of construction and we always ensure we work within a safe environment. We are mindful that we are doing the work at your residence so your safety too is considered. We guarantee you will not find safety hazards lying around your driveway or walkway and the area that we work around will have the best safety measures in place. We are also covered by insurance in the case of any unexpected accidents.

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If you want to have your granny flat professionally built, give us a call and let us discuss what we can do for you.


Fully Customisable Granny Flats Designs in Northern Beaches

Planning to build a granny flat in your backyard? Are you pondering to add a little extra space to your home but not really sure about how to start? You are in good hands! Our reliable granny flats builders in Northern Beaches help you to effectively make use of the extra space in your backyard. We work with great attention to detail to understand your requirements and create customisable granny flats in Northern Beaches NSW that exceeds your expectations.

Whether you choose standard floor plans or custom design, our professionals help you create a popular look that suits your design. Our plans are customisable and can be designed to conform to any sites and limited spaces. The designs and layouts are made in accordance with the Australian building standards, and the project uses only high-grade materials for construction.

How Our Professionals Help You Build Granny Flats in Northern Beaches?

Granny flats are quickly emerging as the latest real estate trend for large families who are willing to stay together while maintaining privacy and independence. Our granny flat builders in Northern Beaches create granny flat designs by keeping your unique lifestyle requirements in mind and provide you with a separate home that you can call your home.

Our professionals integrate the latest technology and processes to deliver the best results to our clients and ensure that every job is dealt with the utmost care, excellent attention and exceptional standard. Serving the industry for over a decade, we maintain strong relationships with key suppliers and helpful partners in the industry to make sure that we are creating your dream dwelling with the best possible materials that last long.


How Long Do You Take To Complete Developing My Granny Flat?

Usually the CDC Approvals time takes about 4 weeks depending on the design changes to meet your requirements. After that our build time takes only 10 weeks from slab to completion, if the weather conditions are suitable. Once we complete with all the construction and internal inclusions, your granny flat will be all set for inspection. Subsequent to the private certifier’s final inspection to make sure that the granny flat complies with the regulations, we handover the fresh granny flat to you! Call us at 0419 039 992 to discuss with our granny flats northern beaches builders!

Can I Get My Granny Flat Build On Any Suburb?

Literally yes, but there are some limitations, which apply to the blocks based on layouts, location, and sizes. It is legal to build granny flats in Northern Beaches if your property abides by the legal norms. Also, it will be easy to get the approval through the Local Council, if your property meets the qualifying criteria. Our granny flats builders Northern Beaches, will help check if your property is appropriate to have a granny flat built on it. Discuss with us at 0419 039 992 today!

Can You Use My Designs To Construct My New Granny Flat?

Our expert granny flats builders Northern Beaches can build structures of any design specifications. If you have any design plans, give it to us, and we will present it to our designers to check if it abides by the building code guidelines. We have the expertise to build a stunning granny flat based on your provided design and plans. Call 0419 039 992 to discuss with us today!

Can I Modify the Floor Plans You Offer?

Absolutely yes! The floor designs offered by our granny flats builders in Northern Beaches are extremely customisable. We take every effort to create functional living spaces, by excluding or including the elements that will make your living comfortable. During the creative design stage, you can discuss with our in-house designers to make necessary modifications to the floor plans to cater to your requirements. Call us at 0419 039 992 for more details!

Do You Help Create Granny Flats That Are Suitable For The Physically Challenged?

Yes. Our expert granny flat builders will readily make accommodations and create designs for people having physical disabilities. We would rework on the porches and add in ramps in the place of stairs. Also, we will ensure to install safety rails in required areas, and make wider doorways and entry points across the granny flat. Call us at 0419 039 992 for granny flats Northern Beaches NSW.

Do You Charge Any Hidden Costs When Constructing Granny Flats?

Our granny flats Northern Beaches NSW pricing structure and initial quote comprises of all the costs. Doumit Homes is builds granny flats on a fixed price basis. There are NO hidden costs. We make sure that all the charges are transparent during the contract discussions. Get in touch with us at 0419 039 992 to build granny flats!