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Specialist Granny Flats Builders in Sydney

Granny flats are a great way to utilise extra space on your land. We are expert granny flat builders with many successful projects under our belt.  We have a range of building designs for you to choose from or we can come up with new designs according to your preference and land space.

Our granny flat builders in Sydney will design and build a customised living space for you. You can choose to be actively involved in the project, or alternatively let us handle everything according to a set timeline and budget until handover.

We appreciate the need for granny flats builders in Sydney to deliver quality construction within the shortest period and budget for our client. And that is why we employ only professional builders who will maintain our high standards.

Granny Flats Prices

They may vary according to the size and design that you choose. We can work within any reasonable budget ensuring that we are not compromising on quality....

Granny Flat Plans

Although many clients would choose the smaller granny flat plans with a single bedroom, it is still possible to set up a 3 bedroom granny flat which offers flexible living space. This plan would be more expensive than the 2 bedroom granny flats that will also offer plenty of space.

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If you would like to build a granny flat, give us a call and let us discuss the details. It could be a 1 bedroom granny flat or more, we have you covered. We also help ensure that the building meets council requirements.


Granny Flats Builders in Sydney – We Build a Home for Everyone

With over a decade of experience in the industry, our granny flats builders in Sydney specialise in custom granny unit constructions that exceeds your expectations. Our granny flats are custom made with the highest quality Australian materials and are built to last a lifetime. Our custom designs are affordable for any budget and varied widely depending on your specifications.

Why Should You Hire Our Granny Flats Builders in Sydney?

If you are looking for the best granny flats builders in Sydney, we are the right choice! Our builders come up with simple, stylish and economical granny flat designs that add more value to your property and improves your lifestyle. Our range of granny flats are designed and constructed to uphold the style, function, and attention to detail you are looking for.

From the initial design to the end of the project, our builders will be assisting you throughout all the states of the project. They are fully insured and certified to deliver a project that meets your design standards and meet your needs. We built granny flats that meet all relevant building codes and provide an installation warranty.

Are you looking to create more space? Waiting for months to build that much-needed extension? Or planning to build a granny flat for a dependent? No matter what your need is, our top granny flats builders in Sydney are quick in designing and building granny flats that meet Government specifications. Our granny flats are made only with the highest quality materials at affordable prices. Moreover, our granny flat designs are completely customisable, and it can be modified to accommodate your requirements and expectations. Our diverse range of floor plans and the ability to custom build sets us apart from our competitors and provides a competitive edge.

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What Are The Guidelines That Should Be Followed When Considering Building Granny Flat On A Property?

Well, there are many guidelines proposed by the Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy, and it insists that the granny flats must meet the current legislation norms. The key ones to keep in mind are

  1. The block must be at least 450sqm to get CDC approval
  2. The maximum size that a granny flat can be built is 60 m2
  3. The block must be 3mts from rear fence and 0.9mts from side fence with a minimum of 12m frontage.

There are even more guidelines which need to be followed, and our professional granny flats builders Sydney team is trained to identify and keep you informed about those regulations. Call us at 0419 039 992 to know more!

Do You Guys Work In Budgets For Granny Flat Building?

Yes, we can work in your budgets. Doumit Homes has been involved in the building of granny flats in Australia for over 25 years now, and we have extensive knowledge about the industry. This allows us to deliver high-quality projects in affordable budgets. Our experienced granny flats builders Sydney team will keep the budget in mind when considering any options and there are NO hidden fees or post-contract modifications.  Call 0419 039 992 for more details!

Are Your Granny Flats Prefabricated Kit Homes?

Not at all! Our granny flats are different from the kit homes. But, we help build the granny flats on almost the same price as a kit home would cost you. Our work is not pre-fabricated. The entire granny flat build is completed on the specific site by Doumit Homes, according to your specific plans. Our best granny flats builders Sydney ensure to cater to your entire requirements and preferences.  We never take any shortcuts. Discuss with us today at 0419 039 992.

Will Your Built Granny Flats Be Sturdy?

If you are doubtful about that, you can very well visit one of our projects to understand better. One good feedback we hear the most from our customers is that our built Granny Flats stay sturdy and strong even after years. We use only the best granny flats builders Sydney team of concreters, carpenters, tillers, plumbers, electricians etc. Call us today at 0419 039 992 to witness the top-quality inclusions and structural robustness offered by Doumit Homes.

Should I Get My Granny Flat Built On A Concrete Slab Or Steel Piers?

You can get the granny flat built on either concrete slab or steel piers. At Doumit Homes, we suggest constructing using the concrete slab method on ground. Yet, for a few properties, it might not be feasible to go with the concrete slab technique, supposing the property is situated on a large slope or in a flood zone. We use steel piers in that case. Call us today at 0419 039 992 to discuss with the top granny flats builders Sydney.

Can I Choose The Colours And Finishes Of My Granny Flat?

Yes, you can. We are associated with a wide variety of dealers for the materials and colours for you to choose from. At Doumit Homes we hold up our know-how and offer you with essential guidelines in choosing the right material during the selection process. Discuss with our top granny flats builders Sydney today at 0419 039 992.